Elise Boer

About / Bio

I am a trained visual anthropologist, cultural ethnographer / qualitative researcher, photographer and collaborator with a full-time curiosity into lived realities.

Passionately connecting anthropology to creative understanding, research and strategy.

Across several fields and applications, I want to help inspire people (contemporaries, students, businesses, agencies) to deepen their perspectives plus understanding of, and connection to, people and their complex lived realities and ways of thinking, feeling, seeing, behaving and being-in-the-world.

Practical and theoretical explorations at the intersection of anthropology and digital media creation. I’m deeply driven by the way such inter-disciplinary collaborations can forward the boundaries of understanding / knowledge acquisition, as well as be meaningfully incorporated into teaching, research, representation and storytelling, art and design, branding and marketing. The body of my work has focused in the aesthetic and technical field of photography.

To return from a hiatus in adventures in back-to-back parenting to continue fulfilling my long-standing passion in and knowledge of cultural and visual anthropology together with media creation, by turning my sights on teaching as well as into wider connector and researcher within the context of public and business thinking.

In addition to passing on disciplinary knowledge to strengthen students’ critical thinking skills and added perspectives germane to anthropology and beyond, I want to bring media based anthropological understanding in the classroom to relate it to students’​ (and the world’s!) ever-growing media literacy.

I am passionate about connecting anthropology to new areas of thinking. I craft & command ethnographic / qualitative research and insight using wider repertoire of innovative and media-based research methods.

MY BACKGROUND I am fortunate to have completed my graduate studies at the Granada Center for Visual Anthropology (GCVA), a leading centre of excellence for Visual Anthropology and Sensory Media, at the University of Manchester, U.K..This highly intensive MA programme combines studies in cultural anthropology with practical instruction and fieldwork projects in filmmaking, editing, photography, and sound – all media means of broadening anthropological investigation at the level of methodology, representation, analysis to knowledge production.

I have developed topical interests and expertise in embodiment (phenomenology) and sensory experiences as different ways of knowing and understanding the world. Along with a related bent in  the body, memory and imagination, illness and place, and art and aesthetics.

Finally, before coming to the field of visual anthropology, I worked several years in the field of arts-management, including many great years with the Montreal Chamber Music Festival and the Montréal Symphony Orchestra.


Elise Boer est une anthropologue sensorielle et visuelle, photographe et artiste de paysages sonores. Elle a aussi d’excellentes compétences dans le traitement d’images numériques et possède une formation dans l’art de la vidéo.

Elle est diplômée de l’Université Concordia, Montréal, en anthropologie et photographie. Elle a complété sa maîtrise en anthropologie visuelle (spécialisation, Film and Sensory Media), à The University of Manchester (U.K.), Granada Center for Visual Anthropology (2008).